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About Transfers

First Edition offers a wide range of custom transfer services to help you deliver great product and quality to your customers. We have also assembled an outstanding collection of pre-printed Stock transfers in NOVELTY, AWARENESS, and SPORT designs that can be purchased off-the-shelf.

Two Categories of Transfers

Hot Peel

Hot Peel is the most popular type of transfer process especially for printed dark on light garment. The Hot Peel transfer has a release agent that retains 5 to 10 percent of the ink on the paper following transfer. Hot Peel Benefits include higher opacity than the original Hot Split; the elimination of expensive double-printing for dark colors and an excellent wash record.

Cold Peel

Cold Peel transfers should be your choice when you require true opacity, have very finely detailed designs, thin lines, and when you print on shirts that have a tendency to sublime through the transfer, ie...neon and many athletic colored shirts.

Cold Peel transfers are backed with a low-bleed adhesive applied to help reduce or eliminate garment dyes bleeding through the transfers and changing the print color.

NOTE: If you have questions concerning the type of transfer process you should use, include information concerning the garment you will be printing on when you order. Also feel free to contact our sales team with any questions.

(Click here to review video instructions or to print PDF instruction file.)

For Your Information

Hot Peel Transfers are the better choice when printing dark onto light garments or when garment dye sublimation is not an issue.

Cold Peel Transfers should be your choice when you require true opacity on dark or neon colors or when a finely detailed transfer-to-garment process is in question.

 Note: First Edition Hot Split and Cold Peel transfer will NOT adhere to nylon or other weather resistant, coated fabrics.


Hot Peel transfers require 15 Seconds Press time. Set HTM Pressure on Medium to Heavy at 375 Degrees. Delay peeling the transfer for 5 seconds and pull in a smooth and steady motion.

Cold Peel transfers require a 15 second print cycle, medium pressure and 360 degrees temperature. They must be cooled with a heat sink prior to peeling.

Note: FE offers a Heat Sink (Chiller) that aids in the Cold Peel Process. Simply apply the Chiller to the back of the heated transfer for 5 seconds prior to peeling the transfer. Set the garment briefly to the side to cool before folding, stacking, or boxing. 

Stock Designs

Stock transfers are a collection of pre-printed designs that are available for purchase at First Edition. Our stock library includes many sports, awareness and novelty designs. They may be purchased one stock item at a time with a $20 minimum. Your stock order will ship within 72 hours of your order being placed. The cutoff is Noon CST each day. Please allow for shipping when placing your stock order. Call Sales with questions! We cannot guarantee early shipment, so please allow for this processing time when ordering.***Please note, orders will be held in your cart for approximately 3 days, and then will be emptied if order not placed.

Note: All FE Numbers and Letters are Cold Peel Transfers.

Standard, One Color, Block Style Numbers and Letters

All FE single-color, block-style, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 inch numbers as well as our 1 and 2 inch letters, are available in all seventeen stock colors.

(Click here for Stock Color Chart)

This is New

We are really pleased to show our fashion-forward stock number and letter styles Featuring open face and zebra font numbers and letters in black or white. These new styles will create a lot of buzz at an event or in your retail store and make profits soar.

Open Face and Zebra Font Numbers and Letters

FE’s 4, 6 and 8 inch outline numbers are sold in black or white only. They are designed as an outline with center knockout to the color of the garment.

FE’s stock, 2 inch, Zebra Knockout letters and 6 and 8 inch Zebra Knockout Numbers are also available in black or white.

All Stock Letters and Numbers are shipped as uncut sheets.

(Click here to review layout of Stock Letter and Number sheets)