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What is FE's "Fast-24" Custom Transfer Service?

  1. Fast turn-around Printing of One-Color Custom Transfer Orders.
  2. Prints and Ships in a NEXT-BUSINESS-DAY window

What orders Qualify for FE's "Fast-24" Service?

  1. Maximum of 5 Order(s) totaling 500 sheets or less.
  2. One-color transfers only. Glitter ink does NOT qualify for Fast-24.
  3. Order(s) received and invoiced before 10 a.m CST. ***Please note, we need time to invoice your orders, so please approve ahead of time to meet this deadline.
  4. Maximum of 2 color changes per order.
  5. Oversized transfers do not qualify for Fast-24
  6. Double print transfers do not qualify for Fast-24

What are the benefits of the "Fast-24" Service?

  1. A reliable, fast turn-around that accommodates last minute transfer orders.

Do Freight Charges Apply?

  1. First Edition offers Free Ground Freight on all custom transfer orders of $300 or more.

May I link orders?

  1.  You may link FIVE transfer orders if they do not total more than 500 sheets. 

If I have additional orders in-house that are scheduled to ship the same day as the "Fast-24" orders, can I have them ship together?

  1. "Fast-24" utilizes its own order system that prints and ships independently from any other First Edition production system. Consequently, "Fast-24" ships separately.

May I order color changes on my one-color "Fast-24" Transfer orders?

  1. Maximums of TWO color changes on each of the five orders apply. The 500 sheet MAX total still applies.

When does First Edition's new "Fast-24" service begin?

  1. NOW! We are happy to offer this service right away!

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