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Custom Transfers

Custom Transfers are the heartbeat of First Edition. We print custom transfers so you can quickly and easily fill your custom orders. We will create your artwork or utilize yours (see art guidelines). First Edition will produce any part of the custom printing process that your company currently does not handle. We pride ourselves on providing attractive, sharp artwork for all our clients.

We ship all orders through UPS Monday-Friday.  We will ship as many of your orders as possible in one box to provide you with the best shipping rate.


Versatile heat transfer with excellent coverage and ability to show detail. Applies at a low temp for specialty fabrics. 1-6 colors printed with backer. Only available in these stock colors (see EZ-Ons® color chart). Transfers at 320 degrees for 10-12 seconds with medium pressure and peels immediately. *These instructions are based on our USA machines.

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Made with real glitter flecks in a transfer carrier. This transfer radiates high fashion. Glitter inks can be utilized along with standard ink to add a pop of shine, or used on their own for a unique look. Silver and gold glitter transfers are can be ordered in EZ-on or Hot Peel transfers.  All other glitter colors will be processed as Hot Peel transfers.

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Made with shimmer crystals to give a unique shimmer to the inks. Can be Hot Peel for a light shine, or EZ-Ons Low Temp to give a Metallic look.

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