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About First Edition

What FE has tried to do is eliminate traditional methods of screen printing which rely heavily on manual processes in some of the worst imaginable environments.

FE is certified as a 100 percent waste recycler, and that includes ALL screen, ink and reclamation-produced, hazardous waste. FE employees work in a modern, completely temperature-controlled facility. Most of the labor-saving and environmentally-conscious equipment was engineered and manufactured by Cliff Hix, and is unique to First Edition. If the environment is an element of your corporate advertising; if that is an important business consideration; we are the perfect supplier for you.

First Edition is proud of its fast service, quality products and competitive prices. We work hard to help your business thrive and grow. Actually the “make-do” “can do” and “will-do” spirit of our customers is the dynamic that keeps us in business and coming to work every day. We never know what we will see and are constantly saying, “I wish I had thought of that.”

So, thank you for visiting our new site. We want it to be a valuable tool to boost your profitability. We built FE with a dedication to quality, and customer service. You can be certain that we are not going to change a thing about the way we do business.